Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy: Protective Winter Gear for Dogs

REX SpecsRex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy


Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy: Protective Winter Gear for Dogs

At Engearment, we love to take our four-legged fur buddies on all our outdoor adventures. From camping to hiking, we take them everywhere!

We also recognize that our fur buddies need protective gear as much as we do; booties to prevent damage to paws from rough surfaces, eyewear to prevent corneal lacerations, etc.

This winter, I got my 12-year-old blue heeler, Utah, a pair of Rex Specs dog goggles  (MSRP $79.95) to protect her eyes and an RC Pets Skyline puffy reversible dog vest (MSRP $52.50)  to keep her warm.

Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy

Although she has a double coat (characteristic of the breed), Utah’s arthritis and age made it necessary to get her a dog coat for winter adventures.

While dog jackets from competing brands were too long for Utah, the Skyline reversible quilted puffy vest fit her perfectly. Constructed of water repellent ripstop material and synthetic insulation, the Skyline features 3M reflective piping, covered leash access welt slit, and touch fastener closure for easy adjustment.

I was surprised how long Utah walked during a recent winter hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Unlike previous walks this winter, she was not shivering and seemed perfectly comfortable.

Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy: Protective Winter Gear for Dogs 1

Rex Specs Eye Protection

The Rex Specs dog goggles took a bit more to convince to try. But, after reading endorsements from members on various blue heeler forums, I was curious to put them on Utah.

First of all, I wanted to protect Utah’s eyes when she goes exploring off leash. Secondly, I had heard that an eye condition called pannus was prevalent among adventure dogs in the Rocky Mountain West. Protecting dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays made sense, as Coloradans always wear sunglasses anytime we go outdoors as a rule of thumb.

The size medium Rex Specs fit Utah’s head perfectly. I had read that it takes a few tries to get a dog used to wear Rex Specs, but Utah was comfortable wearing them from the very first try. She did not even try to shake them off.

Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy

Rex Specs key features:

  • Polycarbonate, UV 400 lens protect against 99-100% UVA/UVB sun rays
  • 5 tints available – Clear, Smoke, Silver Mirror, Red Mirror, & Blue Mirror
  • Replacement lenses are available individually or in packs of three

Utah has gotten used to wearing the clear lenses, so she will be leveling up to the tinted lenses (the goggles arrive with two lenses) for our next mountain adventure.

Overall, I was pleased with both the puffy vest and the dog goggles and will be using them on Utah all winter long.

Winter is here. Keep your fur buddy warm and safe with proper gear for outdoor adventure.

Rex Specs and RC Pets Skyline Puffy


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