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The NOMATIC Backpack is designed to be the perfect everyday bag. From the great organization options to the comfortable straps, this has been one of the best EDC packs I have tested. And that is saying a lot!

NOMATIC Backpack Features

The NOMATIC Backpack is one of many packs they offer.  It is evident that they put a lot of time into designing this (and the other packs we are testing). If you have been reading and viewing our reviews over the years, you know how many EDC packs we review.  And the NOMATIC Backpack has really impressed me.

The standout features I appreciate are the build quality and organization.  There are pockets upon pockets upon pockets.  But, these are not just random pockets to look cool.  They are well planned out and useful in a variety of applications.

NOMATIC Backpack - Awesome Everyday Carry Backpack 4Backpack


My background is that I am a fitness professional by trade and content creator by passion.  I carry my client files, Macbook Pro, iPad, 360 cameras, GoPro action camera, Sony ZV-1 camera, Rode Wireless Mics, and a host of cables, chargers, and accessories.

This backpack had homes for all of this, with plenty of pockets left to spare!  I spent a full evening trying out different configurations to see what I preferred.  The possibilities are virtually endless as there are so many stretch pockets and compartments.

There is a padded laptop sleeve capable of handling a 17″ laptop.  Up next there is a protective slot for a tablet and another pocket in front of that for paperwork.  I used the second slot for action cameras on small tripods, so they are easily accessible for quick shots.  I hate spending time setting things up and love being able to quickly shoot content!

The side bottle pockets are really great.  They are magnetic so they close up out of the way when not in use, but easily open up for a 22oz bottle.  Heck, I even use if for a travel tripod.

There is a second large zippered pocket that is great for all the additional gear you might carry – lenses, adapters, pens, pencils, notepads, etc. All the pockets feature waterproof (and lockable!) YKK zippers. The material of the backpack is very durable and weather resistant.  I have had in many snowstorms and have not had any water get in.

NOMATIC Backpack - Awesome Everyday Carry Backpack 5Backpack


Travel friendly

If you travel, you will appreciate these next features! There is a secret RFID zippered pocket for your passport and cards.  The backpack can be carried like a briefcase from either side (and the handles are very comfortable).  The back panel also slides onto wheeled luggage with ease.  Finally, there is a retractable key fob built into the pack as well.

NOMATIC Backpack Review

As you can gather from this write-up, I am a fan of the NOMATIC backpack for all the reasons above.  I did not use all the features mentioned, but the ones I did use, I really appreciated.  One thing that I absolutely love, is that the backpack will sit up on its own.  No need to find something to lean it up against.  I know that will make a lot of you happy 🙂

I am currently testing two other items for NOMATIC and will have those reviews up soon. Stay tuned for the NOMATIC vs McKinnon Camera Pack 35L $399

NOMATIC Backpack - Awesome Everyday Carry Backpack 6McKinnon Camera Pack 35L







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